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LVBR is an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, healing, and rehoming of basset hounds in need.

Adoptable Bassets

LVBR currently has 14 bassets available for adoption.

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  • Astro (Y917), Age 5 years and 9 months


    Astro is a 5-6 year old Bloodhound boy who is looking for a Bloodhound-loving home. Bloodhound experience a plus. He's great with other dogs, loves to play and is a gentle giant who's waiting for his Forever Home. If you are interested in Astro, please completely fill out the online application here on our website. Hiis adoption fee will be $150.

    Astro has been with LVBR for 14 weeks.

    Apply to adopt Astro!

  • Kirby (Y912), Age 9 years and 7 months


    Kirby is a red and white Basset boy, approx. 9 years old. When Kirby first came to LVBR he had some lumps and bumps removed. He's healed nicely and is blooming in his foster home. What he needs now is a Forever Home. **We are working on an updated bio on Kirby to let folks know more about his personality and what he's looking for in a family. Also, we hope to have some updated photos to go along with it.** If you are interested in Kirby, please fill out the online application and tell us something about yourself. Thank you. His adoption fee will be $150.

    Kirby has been with LVBR for 0 years and 6 months

    Apply to adopt Kirby!

  • KC (Y906), Age 8 years and 10 months


    KC, now known as "Stella", was recently returned to LVBR when her former adopters divorced. She is looking once again for a Forever Home. Stella is a long-eared, petite girl with a shiny coat, approx. 8 years old. She's a sensitive soul who will need time to adjust to her recent circumstances. A quiet, loving home is her wish. Stella gets along very well with other dogs and children. If you have room in your heart and home for Stella, please fill out the online application completely. Her adoption fee will be $150.

    KC has been with LVBR for 0 years and 8 months

    Apply to adopt KC!

  • Yo (Y893), Age 6 years and 5 months


    Yo! Yo is the name given to this handsome boy by the shelter staff. You can keep the name or given him a new moniker when you adopt. Yo is half Basset and half.....shepherd? It's a cute combo, who ever his parents were! Yo is approx. 5 years old--so mature enough to be a calm companion, but young enough to have a playful attitude. If you are interested in Yo please fill out the online adoption application and indicate that you'd like a meeting with Yo. His adoption fee is $150. Thank you to Pet'ographique for this charming photo.

    Yo has been with LVBR for 1 years and 4 months

    Apply to adopt Yo!

  • Copper (Y879), Age 10 years and 8 months


    Don't let Copper's bland expression fool you, LVBR's newest red and white boy is one happy fellow. He's also calm and easygoing and a friend to all 2-legged and 4-legged creatures he meets. Copper was left behind when his owner's moved, and a kind neighbor took him in to make sure he did not have to go to the local high-kill shelter. Copper is 9 years old, but looks and acts much younger. He was recently neutered and updated on shots, and our vet says he's healthy and ready to find the forever home he deserves. Please let us know if you'd like to meet Copper by putting in an online application. Copper's adoption fee will be $150.

    Copper has been with LVBR for 1 years and 7 months

    Apply to adopt Copper!

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Basset Facts! Did you know?

  1. Basset hounds are not small dogs; they just have short legs.
  2. Bassets, with their long ears and flappy lips, can be messy and are known to drool at times.
  3. The Basset hound voice, barking or howling, can be loud and insistent.
  4. Basset hounds can have a distinct hound body odor.
  5. Basset hounds do shed, some more than others.
  6. The trademark long ears are prone to infection if not kept meticulously clean inside and out.
  7. Bassets are true scent hounds and therefore must be contained by a fence or leash at all times.
  8. A Bassets' greatest desire is to be kept close to their human family, enjoying all the companionship that closeness entails.

Ready to adopt?

You've done your research—you are convinced the basset hound is the breed just right for you! You are ready to adopt and may even see a basset in our listings pages that appeals to you.

Perhaps you even have a Basset now, or had one in the past—you're probably well–versed in being owned by a Basset Hound! If this will be your first Basset experience, we encourage you to continue your research to find if this is the right breed for your family situation. A great source of information is The Daily Drool.

There are several ways to apply to adopt an LVBR basset. For your convenience, we provide adoption process information, an online adoption application, and optional downloadable PDF and Word files on our Adoption Application page.

(If you are interested in a particular adoptable basset, please note the name and identification number for use during the application process.)

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