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LVBR is an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, healing, and rehoming of basset hounds in need.

Adoptable Bassets

LVBR currently has 14 bassets available for adoption.

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  • Flash (D769), Age 9 years and 2 months


    My name is Flash. If I could talk, I'd tell you about my few years before rescue. But, since I can't speak human you'll just have to consider me a handsome and lovable Mystery Man. LVBR found me at the shelter and said they'd help me out. The shelter named me Flash. If you want to change it, you most certainly can. I'll be your buddy no matter what you call me--just call me! I wasn't able to carry my birth certificate around on my travels, so they are guessing I'm about 6 years old. Like they say: you're as old as you feel, and I feel pretty young! I'd love for my traveling days to be over....unless you want me to travel with you on vacation--that would be fun. They say that if you want to meet me you just put in the online application so I'll know a little something about you before we say hello. My adoption fee is $150 and, believe me, I'm worth every penny.

    Flash has been with LVBR for 2 years and 11 months

    Apply to adopt Flash!

  • Yogi (D761), Age 8 years and 3 months


    Yogi was named after the cartoon character Yogi Bear, because he's such a lovable, huggable, and charming soul. Yogi is quiet and unassuming. He loves to lay on the couch with his head in his foster mom's lap while she watches TV. Yogi is agreeable with everyone around him, even a stranger quickly becomes a friend. He gets along so well with all the other dogs in his foster home. Yogi has such soft fur, it's like velvet. Our vet believes this boy is only about 6 years old. The shelter thought he was older because Yogi has a cloudy affect on his eyes. Although not blind, his vision is probably somewhat blurry. He takes drops in both eyes daily. Yogi takes treats so gently and he's never one to push to get what he wants. He's a true gentleman and, like all dogs, wants to give love and affection.

    Yogi has been with LVBR for 3 years and 0 months

    Apply to adopt Yogi !

  • Maude (D676), Age 11 years and 2 months


    Maude, aka "Willow", has decided to become a LVBR Forever Foster, so she's no longer available for adoption. A message from Maude herself: Hi, this is Maude--or as I'm better known--Willow (I like that name better!). I've decided that I love my foster family very much and I'm staying with them. Actually, I've always had some allergy problems and am known for my sometimes cantankerous personality--so I never found a great match in an adoptive home. That's okay--they treat me like a queen here in my foster home. Like many senior hounds, some old age stuff is creeping up on me, too. The ol' eyes ain't what they used to be and I get confused. And, sometimes I can't hold my liquor--oops--and can't make it outside in time. But they understand me here and love me in spite of my little problems. I feel safe here, it would just be too darn hard to start all over again--you know what I mean? Well, there are plenty of other hounds waiting for new homes, so I hope you find the perfect one for you. Love, Maude/Willow

    Maude has been with LVBR for 3 years and 9 months

    Apply to adopt Maude!

  • Satchmo (D670), Age 10 years and 2 months


    Satchmo is big, squeezable hunk of Basset. The name Satchmo is short for satchel mouth--think Louis Armstrong's nickname! Our Satchmo does have a generous Basset mouth, complete with classic flappy flews. Approx.11 years old, he loves attention and belly rubs. He walks well on a leash and rides great in the car. He'll sit patiently to wait for his treats, will fetch a ball, and is familiar with using a doggie door. His favorite place is next to you on the couch. Satchmo needs a home with no cats because he feels they are squeak toys to chase and bother. However, we've learned he does need a canine companion in his new home so he won't be lonely when the family is away from the house. He's used to having a couple of other Bassets with him in his foster home. If you are interested in Satch, please fill out the online application here on our site. His adoption fee will be $150.

    Satchmo has been with LVBR for 4 years and 1 months

    Apply to adopt Satchmo!

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Basset Facts! Did you know?

  1. Basset hounds are not small dogs; they just have short legs.
  2. Bassets, with their long ears and flappy lips, can be messy and are known to drool at times.
  3. The Basset hound voice, barking or howling, can be loud and insistent.
  4. Basset hounds can have a distinct hound body odor.
  5. Basset hounds do shed, some more than others.
  6. The trademark long ears are prone to infection if not kept meticulously clean inside and out.
  7. Bassets are true scent hounds and therefore must be contained by a fence or leash at all times.
  8. A Bassets' greatest desire is to be kept close to their human family, enjoying all the companionship that closeness entails.

Ready to adopt?

You've done your research—you are convinced the basset hound is the breed just right for you! You are ready to adopt and may even see a basset in our listings pages that appeals to you.

Perhaps you even have a Basset now, or had one in the past—you're probably well–versed in being owned by a Basset Hound! If this will be your first Basset experience, we encourage you to continue your research to find if this is the right breed for your family situation. A great source of information is The Daily Drool.

There are several ways to apply to adopt an LVBR basset. For your convenience, we provide adoption process information, an online adoption application, and optional downloadable PDF and Word files on our Adoption Application page.

(If you are interested in a particular adoptable basset, please note the name and identification number for use during the application process.)

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